HR Chatbot Consultants

The lightbulb illustrates how HR chatbot consultants can bring bright ideas to your project

HR chatbots have the potential to deliver a personalised employee experience where users can quickly and easily undertake tasks and find answers to questions – all through natural language conversations – which means that your employees (and service centre teams) can save time and be more productive. That’s the dream.

But the reality is that many, if not the majority, of employee chatbots fail to deliver on this promise. This is because the chatbot hasn’t been trained to understand what the employee wants to do or know, or hasn’t been or programmed to do it. 

But it doesn’t need to be that way 

We are HR chatbot consultants and have the expertise and experience to help you develop and implement a successful HR chatbot or get a failing project back on track.

Your challenge...

We can...

You are looking to deploy a chatbot but need help to get started

  • Deliver Chatbot 101 sessions to rapidly upskill you and your team, providing you with a firm foundation of how Chatbots work 
  • Support you in producing a compelling business case and ROI 
  • Help you manage stakeholder expectations and overcome the “fairy dust” syndrome
  • Support you in putting together the project plan
  • Work with you to put together the right team with the right skills
  • Help you prioritise which use cases the chatbot should support, and which deliver greatest value to employees and the organisation
  • Help you decide on the best platform for your needs

You don’t have people with the necessary skills and expertise to work on the project – you need an expert to help out

  • Advise and support you as you plan and implement your conversational chatbot – training it to understand utterances and intent and crafting natural language conversations
  • Work with you to develop an exceptional employee chatbot experience – one which is personalised and based on the individual profile of the user
  • Support you to develop a great chatbot employee journey – ensuring that if the chatbot cannot undertake a task or answer a question, appropriate options are available
  • Facilitate the re-imagining of existing processes
  • Identify and scope tasks which can be automated by APIs and RPAs so the Chatbot can carry out actions
  • Advise on integration of your chatbot with your systems of truth and case management system
  • Advise and support you in developing a multi-lingual conversational chatbot
  • Act as your HR chatbot consultant

You’ve implemented an employee chatbot, but it isn’t performing as you had hoped. It doesn’t understand enough user intents and employee adoption is low

  • Undertake an audit and make practical recommendations to get your project back on track 
  • Advise and support in training your chatbot to understand more utterances and help you craft more natural language conversations
  •  Review the opportunities for greater automation through APIs and RPAs
  •  Advise and support you to develop a conversational Chatbot which can provide a personalised experience for users

Keith Williams was “parent” to one of the most ambitious multi-lingual Global HR/IT Chatbots – Unilever’s Una Bot – setting the vision and leading the team which developed it. He is a regular speaker on conversational chatbots in HR and their role in digital employee experience, and provides impartial (platform neutral) HR chatbot consultancy services to organisations globally.

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