HR Conversational Chatbot Consultants

The lightbulb illustrates how HR chatbot consultants can bring bright ideas to your project

We are independent HR conversational chatbot consultants who help organisations select the right chatbot solution, support them to deliver a successful implementation or help get a failing project get back on track

We’re not a tech provider and are solution agnostic, which means that we are completely impartial

We know a lot about conversational chatbots and keep a close eye on the supplier landscape and their evolving solutions

We’ve worked client-side and have deployed global, multi-language conversational chatbots – and know first-hand the potential challenges and pitfalls – which means we know the right questions to ask. You could say that we are hype-busters.

Helping you select the right conversational chatbot solution

The conversational chatbot landscape is confusing, not least of all because of the multitude of names used by suppliers to describe them.

Digital assistant, digital colleague, virtual assistant, AI bot, virtual employee assistant, conversational chatbot, conversational AI bot,  conversational interface, advanced conversational AI chatbot – are just some of the descriptions used.

What’s more, chatbot solutions have widely varying intelligence, conversational capability and ease of implementation. To add to the confusion the descriptions are used interchangeably – so the one used by a supplier won’t tell you where their chatbot lies on this spectrum.

But with so many potential conversational chatbot suppliers, how do you decide which option is the best one to meet your current and future business needs? How do you cut through the hype and big promises? 

We can

support you to shortlist and select a solution which best meets your needs. We’ll ask the difficult questions, get under the bonnet where necessary, and provide an objective and informed view of the pros and cons of each option

We can

work with you to define the Vision for your department’s (or organisation’s) conversational chatbot, helping ensure that that it is future-proofed

We can

help you produce your RFP to ensure it includes the right things

We can

support you in producing a compelling business case and ROI 

We can

run sessions to educate you and your team so you are fully equipped with the relevant knowledge and understanding

We can

help you define the skills and resource that you will need in your team to run the project once you have chosen a supplier – and help you plan for running the project and BAU

Providing expertise to help you deliver a successful project

A conversational chatbot project needs a very different ranges of skills and expertise – ones which you may not have in your team.

We can

support your team (or provide training or mentoring) to ensure they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need

We can

act as a trusted advisor/ in-house expert, sharing our own experiences and the potential challenges you need to plan for

We can

facilitate workshops to define the vision and purpose of the project

We can

work as part of your team throughout the project or on specific aspects

We can

act as the interface between you and your chatbot provider to ensure that they deliver what was promised

We can

help you define the skills and roles you will need in the project team

Helping you get a failing project back on track

If you’ve implemented an employee chatbot which isn’t performing as you had hoped, or if adoption is low, we can provide impartial advice and support to help you get your project back on track.

Our experience

Keith Williams was “parent” to one of the most ambitious multi-lingual, Global HR/IT conversational chatbots – Unilever’s Una Bot – setting the vision and leading the team which developed it, and since establishing KMW3, has helped other organisations on their chatbot jouney. The speed at which technologies evolve means that he obsessively tracks the supplier landscape and their evolving solutions so he can provide impartial HR chatbot consultancy services to organisations globally.

Keith also provides consultancy services in HR digital transformation and digital employee experience.

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