KMW3 was founded in late 2019 by Keith Williams and Keren Sutherland to support organisations to develop and implement their HR digital transformation strategy, with a focus on digital employee experience and conversational chatbots.

Photo of Keith Williams - consultant - HR digital transformation, digital employee experience and HR chatbots

Keith Williams

Prior to founding KMW3 Keith was HR Services Technology Director at Unilever, where he gained a deep understanding of what is needed for HR Digital Transformation to succeed, as well as the many potential pitfalls on the journey. Read more about Keith’s experience.

Since establishing KMW3 he has used this experience, and the lessons learned, to support organisations in their own HR digital transformation. Clients include GE, Anglo American and the United Nations Development Fund.

At KMW3 he advises clients on HR digital transformation projects which put the Employee Experience front and centre – using design thinking, use cases, employee experience mapping and the re-imagining of processes – to deliver omnichannel, personalised and consumer-like employee experiences.

He increasingly supports clients who have undergone an HR digital transformation programme – but which has failed to deliver the anticipated benefits, and ROI, hoped for – providing practical recommendations.

Keith has particular expertise in conversational chatbots and helps organisations to select the right chatbot solution, supports them to deliver a successful implementation or helps get a failing project back on track.

In 2020 completed the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. 

Keith is a regular keynote speaker and has appeared at conferences internationally. He also regularly leads a series of round-table events for one of the world’s largest global technology firms.

Keith has a degree in Music from York and started life as a professional musician and conductor and sees many parallels with digital projects – “Just as original instruments revolutionised the way you learnt to perform music, and Stockhausen demanded a new way of playing piano, running a digital transformation project requires a radically different approach.”

Outside of work Keith is a lover of fine food and an enthusiastic cook – and has been given the title of “the Catering Manager” by his wife! His other passion is fly fishing which he does at every opportunity.