Keith Williams is the founder and lead consultant at KMW3 which he set up in late 2019 to support organisations to develop and implement their HR digital transformation strategy, with a focus on employee experience and chatbots.

Keith was HR Services Technology Director at Unilever, where he led the creation of a suite of technologies as part of Unilever’s global HR Digital Transformation programme. This architecture created an integrated employee experience which allowed users to interact with core systems such as Workday, Remedy and Salesforce via Artificial Intelligence-driven User Interfaces (Una) which meant that, rather than “the employee having to understand (and learn) multiple individual systems”, “the systems learnt to understand the employee”, leading to enhanced adoption and user satisfaction. Watch the interview with Leena Nair, CHRO at Unilever, talking about Una.

(systems included: Una Bot (a multi-lingual, Global HR and IT Service chatbot), Una Hub (a Global Knowledge Base Search Engine), a Global Case Management System (using Salesforce.com) and Una Notifications – a retail-like communication experience). Read more detail about this project

This role gave him a very real understanding of the new and different approach needed for HR Digital Transformation to succeed, and how putting Employee Experience at the centre of a service changes everything – particularly when including Chatbots. Teams need new competencies, projects have different phases, and process is the servant of user experience. Understanding this took a lot of rapid experimentation (and learning from mistakes) – particularly since no one else had done anything like this before, so there weren’t any other projects to learn from!

About KMW3

Keith set up KMW3 so that companies, governmental organisations and individuals can capitalise on, and benefit from, his experience as they build and deploy chatbots and develop an Employee Experience infrastructure as part of an HR Digital Transformation. Services include Consultancy, Learning and Mentoring.

Keith is a regular keynote speaker and has appeared at conferences internationally. He has spoken on Chatbots for CognitionX and IQPC, the Reward and Employee Benefits Association and Employee Benefits Live. In the USA he has spoken at World of Work in Philadelphia and for Xerox in New York. In the UK he has also spoken at CIPD conferences and regularly leads a series of round-table events for one of the world’s largest global technology firms.

He also has extensive experience as a trainer, having been the Global Lead for Reward Training at Unilever and Training Manager at KornFerry. Most recently he has delivered global training (via webcast) on digital transformation for the United Nations Development Programme.

Ever curious and keen to learn, in early 2020 Keith completed the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

A musical past…

Perhaps unexpectedly, Keith started life as a musician, and discovered that the ‘Challenge of the New’ is his passion. Not ‘new for the sake of it’, but uncovering the techniques which need to be understood and developed if we are to capitalise on the new. Whilst still a student at York he conducted one of the first-ever performances of a Monteverdi opera on original instruments. A few months later he and a fellow student were one of earliest duos to perform Stockhausen’s monumental Mantra for two pianists.

After an several years as a professional musician and conductor, IT found him:

I developed systems and helped people understand that, only by changing, would they derive value from the new. With Employee Experience and Chatbots I found a place which perfectly matches that mindset. Just as original instruments revolutionised the way you learnt to perform music, and Stockhausen demanded a new way of playing piano, developing a chatbot or using Artificial Intelligence changes the way you have to run an IT project.”

Outside of work Keith is a lover of fine food and an enthusiastic cook (and is known as the Catering Manager by his wife!). His other passion is fly fishing which he does at every opportunity.