Digital Employee Experience Consultants

A great digital employee experience leads to happy employees.

Delivering a great digital employee experience is so much more than just deploying new technology.

It requires you to truly understand, and then solve, the pain points of your employees – and to use technology as the enabler NOT the driver.

It demands a different mindset, new ways of working and new skills.

We work with clients at every stage of their digital employee experience journey. Whether you need support at the beginning of a project or at any stage on the journey, we’re here to help. 


We can support you:

Understand the current experience of employees and agents – we can produce experience maps, process maps and identify key pain points.

Create a fact-based assessment of the current situation

Develop your employee experience vision

Evaluate your current technologies and potential new ones which can support your employee experience vision




We can support you:

Develop a strategic vision of the employee experience with measurable goals and objectives which benefit both employees and the business

Gain support and budget through the creation of a business case and strategic roadmap

Choose technology partners to deliver your vision

Define the skills and knowledge required in your team to deliver the project and BAU


We can support you:

Design value-based experiences for employees, agents and stakeholders based on identified needs through collaborative prototyping

Develop technology solutions to support new journeys and re-imagined processes

Support the organisational change process and governance to ensure alignment with the strategic vision


We can support you:

Expand scope to increase delivered value using minimum valuable product methodology to maximise ROI                        

Develop methodology for continuous improvement and agile adjustment based on insights gathered from data and feedback from employees, agents and stakeholders 

Maximise adoption

Continually evaluate new technologies to support your evolving vision

flexible in the way we work with you




We work with you in an advisory capacity when you need expert, impartial advice at any stage of your digital employee experience project. 

You can use us on an ad hoc basis for specific streams of work, engage us on a retainer basis or work with us for the duration of the project.

Some examples include:

  • defining the Purpose, Vision, Objectives and Goals for the project 
  • how to use Design Thinking, User Experience mapping and Agile project delivery
  • prioritising the Use cases which will deliver the greatest value to both employees and the business
  • re-imagining existing processes
  • defining the skills, knowledge and competencies you will need in your project team and new roles you might need 
  • developing effective self-service strategies
  • developing best practice Knowledge Management strategies to support self-service and service centre agents
  • selecting of the right technology or implementation partner

When you don’t have people in your team with the right skills and knowledge, or you simply don’t have enough resource, we work as part of your team to lead workstreams.

We have hands-on experience in every aspect of planning for, and delivering, great employee experiences – which means you can parachute us in whenever you need expert resource.





Sometimes you want someone impartial to review what you have done before you move to the next stage.

Other times you might need someone to audit and identify why your project hasn’t achieved the increase in employee self-service or agent productivity you’d hoped for – and to make practical recommendations.

Whatever the scenario, you can be confident that we bring practical, impartial, informed expertise. 

When your team don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver your employee experience vision, or there’s one specific area they need to be up-skilled on, we can help.

We can deliver short, sharp “101”, or more in-depth education sessions, on the key concepts and tools of digital employee experience.





Leading an employee experience transformation project can be challenging – particularly if you haven’t done it before.

We can act as a sounding board and mentor, sharing our own experiences and knowledge to help you find solutions to the challenges you face.

Conversational chatbots

Many organisations are looking to implement conversational chatbots as the next step in delivering a truly consumer-like employee experience.

We have particular expertise in this area – find out more

Image of two heads illustrating a human talking to a chatbot


Whilst HR Services Technology Director Keith Williams led the digital employee experience (EX) programme for global HR services – giving him a deep understanding of what is needed for digital EX to succeed as well as the many potential pitfalls on the journey. He is a regular speaker on EX and supports both large and small organisations on their digital EX journey.


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