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We support HR Leaders and their teams as they develop standout Digital HR centred around Employee Experience with a special focus on HR Chatbots

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Digital HR Transformation

Reduce costs with digitised processes and boost value through actionable data

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Increase employee satisfaction and engagement through employee-centred design

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Free up HR Services’ time allowing them focus on the things which require a human

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What is Personalisation in Human Resources?


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Discover our Project Approach

Whether you’re planning an HR Digital Transformation project, looking to improve your employees’ Digital HR Experience or thinking of creating a Conversational HR Chatbot, our approach to delivery is essentially the same: Prepare, Initiate, Create and Grow.

No matter where you are in your journey, we’re happy to support you.


Before you start on your Digital HR journey we help you:

  • Develop a clear future vision of change and securing of buy-in
  • Fully evaluate your current situation
  • Outline what your journey from now to vision might look like
  • Create of a strategic business plan


When you begin to plan your Digital HR project we support you with the:

  • Engagement of the right Technology partners
  • Creation of a team to deliver your future vision
  • Development of a realistic project plan
  • Most importantly, we support you with the preparation for Change.


Whilst creating your digital transformation vision, we assist you with designing and building:

  • A consumer-like self-service experience for employees
  • An optimal agent experience
  • A stakeholder experience driven by data and actionable insights

All whilst constantly seeking stakeholder feedback and managing change.


As you scale your Digital reach and increase scope and ROI we help you in:

  • Using insights to continually improve, adjust and expand your Digital HR scope
  • Identifying and planning for new technologies to take your digital transformation to the next level

Find out how we work with you

We’re all about supporting you in the right way at the right time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your journey needing long-term advice and support; or want us to review where you are and what you’re doing next

We Advise

When you need expert, impartial advice we can work in an advisory capacity, providing practical, pragmatic and business focused support at any stage of a project. 

We Partner

When you don’t have the in-house skills and knowledge or people resource at critical stages in a project, we can work as part of your team.

We Review

We review your plans, or what you have done, before you move to the next stage. A bit like an expert marking your homework – but in a good way.

We Educate

We demystify what digital transformation is and requires through education sessions – giving participants the understanding, knowledge and skills they need.

We Mentor

We act as mentor and sounding board – sharing our experience and lessons learned – to help you find solutions to your leadership challenges.

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