HR Services has evolved from a simple, one-stop personal service to a complexity of multiple HR systems.
The introduction of an Experience Layer returns us to the days of a single point of contact but design thinking and a change of mindset are required too …

HR Digital Transformation challenges and a Vision of Simplicity

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In this webinar hosted by Acuvate, Keith Williams – Founder of KMW3 & Ex-HR Services Technology Director At Unilever – discusses strategies to deliver digital employee experience and enhance the digital workplace landscape in 2021 and beyond.

The Next Norm In Digital Employee Experience

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Artificial Intelligence Robot holding a heart in its hand illustrating flirting with a chatbot

This article explores the technology (how chat bots actually work), language and sentiment (how to train your chatbot), human behaviour (emotion, trust, love etc) and how these, underpin digital employee experience.

Flirting with a chatbot

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AI is no longer the ‘future’ of work – it’s here, it’s growing, and it’s shaping the workplace. But what does that mean for people? What does it mean for HR? How is it being used at the moment, and could we be making more of it?

Working alongside AI and chatbots

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