Do you need a sounding board to help you find solutions to the digital HR challenges that you face?

Someone who has ‘been there, seen it and done it’ – and can share their experience, the lessons they’ve learned and be a mentor and sounding board? 

Perhaps you are wrestling with building a business case, are struggling to find solutions to challenges you haven’t faced before or feel that you are forever walking a tight-rope in managing the expectations of senior stakeholders.

We know only too well (from our own experience as HR practitioners) that leading a digital HR programme can be full of these, and a multitude of other, challenges. That’s because Digital HR is different and needs a skillset and mindset that many HR practitioners don’t have.

And that’s where we can help. We’ve led HR digital transformation projects in global organisations – so we’ve probably encountered (and overcome) exactly the challenges that you face.

And it’s why we can be such an effective sounding board and mentor for senior leaders and practitioners.

Some of the people we have mentored

James - Global HR Services Director

James had recently been promoted to be the Global Director of HR Services in a multinational. One of his key remits was to deliver an HR digital transformation programme with a particular focus on improving the digital Employee Experience to improve productivity and well-being. 

James didn’t have any previous experience in leading a project like this, and recognised that to be successful, he needed a mentor who could quickly up-skill his knowledge and understanding of the subject, as well as act as a sounding board throughout the project. 

Keith acted as a trusted advisor and mentor over several months: 

  • Providing the knowledge he needed to give him confidence
  • Giving him a framework on the key stages and activities required for a successful project
  • Supporting him and his senior leadership in formulating the Vision, Purpose, Objectives and Tactics for the programme
  • Helping define a new organisational structure and the roles required in his team to deliver the programme 
  • Helping him to anticipate and plan for the resistance to change that he might encounter amongst his team

Jane - HR Services Senior Leader

Jane was an HR Services leader tasked by her CHRO to “deliver an exceptional digital Employee Experience” for all employee services across the organisation.

She neither had the knowledge or experience to set a leadership vision for the programme, and as a result largely relied upon her senior team to set the parameters, roadmap and execution. As a result the project initially floundered and failed to get buy-in from senior stakeholders in other employee functions.

We worked with Jane to help her develop the Purpose, Vision, Goals and Objectives for the project and supported her in building a compelling business case which enabled her to persuade colleagues to buy into the project. We then acted as a sounding board for the duration of the project, helping her find solutions to challenges and roadblocks as they arose.

We can work with you on a one-off basis or an ongoing retainer – whichever suits you best.