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he illuminated arrow is metaphor for success in hr digital transformation, digital employee experience and HR chatbots

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar” 

All the statistics show that many HR digital transformation projects fail to deliver the benefits hoped for. 

The potential benefits of process automation to increase the efficiency of HR operations aren’t optimised. Decisions aren’t data driven. Existing processes are replicated rather than re-imagined. And employee adoption of the shiny new HR system is low because the digital employee experience wasn’t put front and centre.

Which means that all too many organisations find themselves with a really fast caterpillar instead of a butterfly.

We have the expertise to help you plan and implement your digital HR transformation programme, or get a failing project back on 


Expertise based on the hands-on experience and learnings we gained as HR practitioners delivering global HR digital transformation projects

Below are just some of the ways we can support you – be it in a consultancy role, as a member of the team or acting as a mentor/advisor

Your challenge...

We can...

You’ve deployed new HR technology but  haven’t achieved the increase in employee self-service or productivity you’d hoped for. User adoption is poor and employees complain that there are too many systems.  

You need someone to do an objective review of the current state of your digital HR and make recommendations.  

  • Audit what you have currently delivered in order to help identify why employee adoption is low
  • Analyse your HR processes to determine to what extent they have been standardised and optimised
  • Investigate how and why your current digital employee experience is a barrier
  • Understand how your digital project processes could be better aligned with best practice
  • Produce practical recommendations on how to maximise return on your technology investment

You need help in producing a compelling business case to gain support for your new digital HR transformation project

  • Support you at every stage of the process, using a standard framework and methodology
  • Produce an overview of the current ‘As-is’ of HR processes and employee experience to support your case
  • Help you quantify the potential cost savings and and productivity gains of transforming your HR operations (we’ll even crunch the numbers)
  • Advise you on the relevant metrics and KPI’s to measure and report on success
  • Help define the people resource (and roles) needed to deliver the project
  • Support you in evaluating whether investment in additional technology platform is required

You need support in setting the overarching strategy for the project and/or producing the operational project plan

  • Work with you to define the Purpose, Vision, Objectives and Goals of your digital HR strategy as well as its guiding principles
  • Analyse your HR processes to determine what can be standardised and optimised
  • Support in the re-imagining of existing processes
  • Help you identify and prioritise the Use cases which will deliver the greatest value to HR, employees and the business
  • Advise you on planning for Design Thinking processes, the creation of User Experience maps and Agile project delivery
  • Help you define roles, responsibilities and deliverables of the project team and stakeholders
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and competencies you will require in your project team and new roles you might need 
  • Provide advice and support on developing a conversational Chatbot
  • Facilitate the choice of the right technology or implementation partner

You don’t have people with the right skills in the team – you need specialist help

  • We can work with you on any of the subjects outlined above, working as part of your team or mentoring the team through the process

Whilst HR Services Technology Director at Unilever, Keith Williams led the digital HR programme for global HR Services – giving him a deep understanding of what is needed for digital HR transformation to succeed, as well as the many potential pitfalls on the journey. He is a regular speaker and supports both large and small organisations on their digital HR journey.

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